How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Luggage provides an up to date service on reported bed bugs in hotels and apartments.

If you are a victim of a bed bug attack in a hotel, you have to be ultra careful in bringing your items from the hotel room back in to your house. First and foremost you need to take these steps to clean up your luggage.

1. Check all seams. Luggage is full of seams. Take the time to go through the seams. I have had bed bugs in the past and I took out my vacuum and cleaned all of the seams thoroughly.
2. Hand wash the luggage with hot hot water. Wear gloves. Use 50% vinegar and 50% water. Sponge out your luggage in and out. Get all of those crevices. Also go over it with a strong brush.
3. Let the luggage sit out in a safe place in the sun. The sun will heat out the bugs if there are any left.
4. Once the luggage is dry, give it 1 more once over with a dry brush. Then, check all the seams. 
5. Clean your vacuum bag. There could be nymphs or bed bug eggs in the bag/container. Get it out of your house. Put it in your outdoor garbage container.

After taking all of these steps, you should be OK.

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