Bitten Up By Bed Bugs? Your Legal Rights Explained provides an up to date service on reported bed bugs in hotels and apartments.

Did you just get bitten up by bed bugs in an apartment or hotel? There are some immediate steps you need to look in to before you leave the hotel. Documentation is the key. Here are the key steps in documenting your predicament:

1. Take pictures of everything. Bite marks, Room in General. Bloody sheets. Photograph everything!
2. If possible get a sample of the bug(s). Put it in a plastic bag or covered plastic cup. This can go a long way to proving your case.
3. Call the hotel office and demand a manager in to your room.

This can now go a few ways. Make sure you let them know this is about a bed bug incident. I have seen it all with hotels. Sometimes they take the complaint very seriously and do not send anyone to the room. Other times, there is not a manager on duty so young employees come to your room.

Make sure you get the employees name and title that comes to your room.

Show them the evidence.

4. Based on the hotels response and the severity of the bedbug attack, you can decide on your next step. In your arsenal you should consider small claims court OR a lawsuit.

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