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BedBugReports.com provides an up to date service on reported bed bugs in hotels and apartments.

Contact us at bedbugreports@gmail.com.

We have developed this website as a service to people wanting to report bed bugs.

Operating an online hotel website for the past five years, I have had a handful of reports on hotels with bed bugs. This website was created to warn people about hotels that have had bed bug reports.

As a disclaimer, this is a compilation of real travelers who have visited hotels and made reports about bedbugs. We are not responsible for false claims. Although, we will do our best to provide accurate information on our website and when possible will contact all hotels for their responses regarding reports.

Hotel and Apartment Owners disputing false claims.

If you believe a claim of bedbugs has been falsely reported against your location, please email me with as much information as possible along with a copy from an extermination report advising that your hotel/apartment is clear of bed bugs. We will work towards rectifying the issue ASAP. If you send me a rude threatening email this will not get the complaint removed any faster. There is no need to handle a tough situation in this manner. My goal is to make sure your location is free of bed bugs. Hopefully this will get rectified quickly so you do not lose business.

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