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Motel 6

302 E Fremont Ave
Riverton, WY - 82501

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My wife, my 9 month old son, my mom and I stayed at the Motel 6 in Riverton Wyoming. We checked in around 4pm on Thursday, September 21st. Myself, my wife and son stayed in room 133 and my mom stayed in 132. Those of us in room 133 went to sleep around 10pm and woke up around 3am from the baby crying. It was at this point we noticed bed bugs in both beds and on the floor. This particular Motel 6 does not have an office that is open 24 hours. We stayed awake in the room from 3am until 6am when the office opened. We reported the incident, to who was in the office when it opened. She was very professional and understanding. She apologized and refunded the cost for room 133 and informed us that the room would be closed off and proper treatment would be administered. My mom who stayed in room 132 checked thoroughly and found no bed bugs in her room. My wife had many bites on her neck, back, shoulders and arms. I was hot in the room and slept on top of the top cover and only had one bite that I could find. Luckily the baby was sleeping in a playpen we brought and didn't have any bites. As we were leaving the hotel around 8am, the girl came out and informed us that she had refunded the charge for room 132 (the bug free room) as well. She told us she wanted us to have all of our money back in case we had to go to the doctor. This girl was amazing and couldn't have handled it better. I'm submitting this report to make sure someone above her level doesn't make a decision to treat the situation.
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Motel 6

302 E Fremont Ave
Riverton, WY - 82501

How to get rid of Bedbugs at home

If you find bedbugs in your home you should remove as much clutter and as many items as possible from your house. Replace all bedding and examine the box spring for bedbugs.

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