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Delta lodge

Delta lodging po box 1229
Delta junction, AK - 99737

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I've been staying here since Saturday Dec 16th... the entire week I have been noticing brown tiny stains on my sheets.. so I obviously cleaned them.. then Thursday the 22nd of December my fingers had swollen and became ichy. I did some research and sure enough bed bugs. Checked and there they were right on my sheets. In the mattress and on the box srping. Problem is I can only see the dead ones that aren't hiding. This is completely not ok. I put over 1000 dollars of clothing some still with tags on them in their dressers and now I have and a huge problem. My clothes hats bras underware and shoes will be contaminated due to their poor cleanliness. I called this morning all they said was,so eine will be there today to clean which is the housekeeper. If she had been doing her job this wouldn't have happened. I'm not the only one that has been bitten another room hasn't even been cleaned since the tenant left over 3 days ago...this is a joke right! How dare yiu subject me to this disgusting little pest. I have to take all my belongings to a professional and suffer these bites which are painful and ichy. I took pictures of the bugs on my sheets and mattress along with the box aping and my bites. I would like to file a lawsuit against this place for its unsanitary conditions.
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Delta lodge

Delta lodging po box 1229
Delta junction, AK - 99737

How to get rid of Bedbugs at home

If you find bedbugs in your home you should remove as much clutter and as many items as possible from your house. Replace all bedding and examine the box spring for bedbugs.

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