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Bed Bug Pictures

2nd day after bed bug bites
Picture: Second day after bed bug bites. 3rd day after bed bug bites
Picture: Third day after bed bug bites. 5th day after bed bug bites
Picture: Fifth day after bed bug bites. bedbug bites on back
Picture: Bed Bug Bites On Back.

picture human bed bug bites
Picture: Close Up Of Bed Bug Bites

mattress picture with bed bugs
Picture: Mattress Infested With Bed Bugs

Face bit by bed bugs while at hotel

Bed Bug bite and rash on leg

Latest Bed Bug Reports

Date & Time of Report 2014-09-16 13:21:14
Name of Location: Days Inn Wilkes Barre
760 Kidder Street, Wilkes Barre, PA
Details: bites all over both thighs and arms

Date & Time of Report 2014-09-16 10:19:42
Name of Location: Americas Best Inns Modesto
722 Kansas Ave, Modesto, CA
Details: I asked to be moved and each room had bed bugs. I told the owner and he said I brought them.. I even filmed it on my phone..It. is so bad that you can see them vome out of headboards,walls and floors..omg and. Little black dots all over sheets..people be aware watch for your little ones..It is beyond infested...

Date & Time of Report 2014-09-16 10:08:20
Name of Location: Comfort Suites Jackson
2904 Old Orchard Road, Jackson, MO
Details: We woke up to one crawling around. By the time we packed up to get out of there, they were all over the bed.

Date & Time of Report 2014-09-16 10:07:57
Name of Location: Microtel Inn and Suites Tracy
861 West Clover Road, Tracy, CA
Details: Stayed there aug. 12 2014- we brought bed bugs home with us. My fiance and I have been itching all night the last 3 nights and our 2 year old has red spots all over- it's costing us lots in laundry and mattress cleaning and pest control and doctors for our toddler to get rid of them and their wreckage

Date & Time of Report 2014-09-16 10:07:43
Name of Location: Super 8 Morristown
2430 E Andrew Johnson Hwy, Morristown, TN
Details: I stayed at this hotel on Sept.14,2014, woke up this morning totally covered in bed bug bites. Reported this to the room service attendants since there was no Manager on the premises. I showed them the bites on my person and showed them the "blood dots and trails" on the sheets. The maid called a manager and reported it. She was told to close off room 132, remove all bedding and put it in garbage bags as well as the pillows. I am home now and am going thru the process of washing ALL of our clothing and luggage as well as having to have our car exterminated. The bites are swelling and I may have to go to an emergency room or urgent care for treatment.This is being posted on Sept 15, 2014 at 6:30pm

Date & Time of Report 2014-09-16 10:07:29
Name of Location: Red Roof Inn Downtown
162 East Ontario Street, Chicago, IL
Details: I stayed at REDROOF between august,21 to 31. My husband had several bites but, as we have never deal with bed bugs, we thougth that were mosquitos. But some days later, I was bitten too. So I decided to investigate at internet. And there were bed bug bites. As it was our last day, I told the staf at the check out what was going on. So, they apologized ant gave me the last night free. But if I brought this little bugs to my house?

Date & Time of Report 2014-09-16 10:07:12
Name of Location: Motel 6 Canoga Park Ca
7132 De Soto Avenue, Canoga Park, CA
Details: Me and a friend stayed up late in a two bed room. She seee a bug thinking it was a baby roach n killed it then i see one on my bed n kill it then i see a bigger one and jump up look and tried killing it but it was a bed bug. Called the front and they didnt want to give me a refund i has to threaten to call inpectors bc i wasnt about to sleep in that room. This was last week. Another of my friends didnt take my warming and this morning a week later she goes and they r still remting and she is now covered in bed bug bites.

Date & Time of Report 2014-09-16 10:06:54
Name of Location: Holiday Terrace Inn
2631 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN
Details: Upon finding this complaint online,I went back over the reports for guest in room 306.I can find no records matching any reports of any bedbugs in room 306 or any adjacent rooms!Futhermore I am sending a written request to have this posting removed from your sight. This room has not been rented any times during in which the poster for this report alleged they stayed.In order for me to believe this is a legitimate complaint I would need to see proof that it was this hotel and some type of receipt. Best Regards, V.Patel

Date & Time of Report 2014-09-16 10:06:33
Name of Location: Hilton Garden Inn Rock Hill
650 Tinsley Way, Rock Hill, SC
Details: Stayed one night, Sept 6, and had 28 bites the next morning

Date & Time of Report 2014-09-16 10:06:23
Name of Location: Days Inn Bryan College Station
2514 Texas Avenue South, College Station, TX
Details: Stayed at Days Inn College Station 9/13/14. Roughly a day later I noticed multiple bite marks in a row on my back, and some on my neck. I have encountered bed bugs on one separate occasion and these are definitely the same bites. Do not stay at Days Inn College Station.

The Hot List

Most Reported Hotels

Below we provide the hotels with the most reports of bed bugs.

bedbugbedbugbedbugbedbugRegency Inn & Suites
New York City, New York
bedbugbedbugbedbugbedbugRegent Palace Hotel
London England, United Kingdom
bedbugbedbugbedbugRiu Playacar Playa del Carmen
Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
bedbugbedbugbedbugDeauville Beach Resort
Miami Beach, Florida
bedbugbedbugbedbugVistana's Beach Club
Jensen Beach, Florida
bedbugbedbugCoqui Inn
San Juan, Puerto Rico
bedbugbedbugWoodward Hotel & Conf. Ctr.
Austin, Texas
bedbugbedbugPark Plaza Boston Hotel & Towers
Boston, Massachusetts
bedbugbedbugCadillac Hotel
Los Angeles, California
bedbugbedbugAtlantica Hotel Suites
Miami Beach, Florida
bedbugbedbugAtlantic Terrace Motel
Montauk, New York
bedbugbedbug Dream Castle Hotel
Marne-la-Valle le-de-France, France

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Bed Bug Background

Bed bugs are wingless creatures that measure about 3/8 - 1/4 inches long. That is very small. The most distinguishing parts I have found about them is their red brown color and they are very flat. Pictures do not do them justice. Most pictures show them from the top and they look round, like a tick full of blood. Just like ticks, they do eat blood. After they eat blood they are bright red.

During the day bed bugs hide. They are nocturnal. If you get bit, you will most likely be bit on the upper body. The shoulders, neck or arms. A truly disturbing fact is that bed bugs can live up to one year without feeding. So left on their own through abandoned hotel suites, or summer homes, they will still be alive and well and ready to feed when they find an animal or human.

Bed bugs normally start infestations by someone bringing them home. A visitor who has luggage from a hotel are often culprits. They could have hidden in that luggage for a year and when Uncle Billy visits, you could have an infestation in your house almost immediately.

Bed Bug Infestations. How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

The first step to take after finding even 1 lowly bedbug is to immediately launder all bedding. Studies have shown that most bedbugs are found within fifteen feet of your bedding. These studies report that this is only 85-90% of the time. This is not good enough for you to only clean the bed area. I recommend getting rid of the mattress and box spring. I don't care how much it costs. This will be well worth it. Most people are in need of new bedding anyway. Have you ever seen dust mites? They can also be infested in your bedding.

Give your vaccum a thorough cleaning, before and after. I oftentimes clean mine with disinfectant wipes. For your new mattress, I recommend getting a mattress case. In case of future infestations, you can throw that out.

How to Check Your Hotel Rooms For BedBugs

Bedbugs (or bed bugs) are becoming an epidemic in hotel rooms throughout the United States. Larger cities, especially New York City are literally infested with them. Before staying in a hotel room for the night these days, it is best to spend five minutes and check the room for bedbugs. Some of the pictures of victims are downright gruesome. The bugs come in the night and bite along the thickest veins in your legs in the middle of the night where your slumber is at it's deepest level. Bedbugs are small black creatures, but you should be able to pick them out by following a few simple procedures. Here are some tips to and information on how to check for bed bugs around the hotel room.
1. Pick up the mattresses in the rooms and look under it. Check around the edges of the box springs.
2. Check under the box spring.
3. Look at the corners of the room. Oftentimes bedbugs are wedged in corners sleeping during the day. Also, spiders do catch them and this is where they generally have their webs.
4. This is the most important tip of all. Headboards in hotel rooms are easily removed. They are basically decorative. Lift up each headboard an lie it on the bed. Carefully inspect the hole where the headboard was lifted out of. Also, inspect all niches and corners of the headboard. Remember bedbugs are very small and dead bedbug husks sometimes can be hard to pick up. If you see any type of bug or husk of small bugs, you most likely have bedbugs in the room (or at least used to).