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Aspen Ridge

1112 King Springs Rd
Johnson City, TN - 37601

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This bed bug infestation has been going on for 10+ years dating back to when Mark Dishman owner them. They have infested every apartment in the building, several people have been here since the beginning of the year infestation and the current landlord Skylar DeJesus is just as bad. He walks around blaming tenants for the infestation when they were unaware of the bed bugs when they moved in. I myself have dozens of bites, scars and wounds all over from them, nothing is being done properly to treat them.
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Aspen Ridge

1112 King Springs Rd
Johnson City, TN - 37601

How to get rid of Bedbugs at home

If you find bedbugs in your home you should remove as much clutter and as many items as possible from your house. Replace all bedding and examine the box spring for bedbugs.

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