San simion lodge Bed Bug Reports

San simion lodge

9520 Castillo dr.
San Simeon, CA - 93452

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4/11/17. I noticed bite marks on my ankle on 4/12 did not pay much attention, 4/13 I woke itching like crazy with patches of bites on my right forearm,left hand right bicep and right ankle. I called the front desk and they gave me another room. When I drove home 200 miles away the bitten areas burned and were swollen.I went to an urgent care to see if maybe I was allergic to something. The doctor looked at the bites and said they were from bedbugs. I called the hotel the manager has yet to call me back. I left a detailed message with the front desk and answering machine.
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San simion lodge

9520 Castillo dr.
San Simeon, CA - 93452

How to get rid of Bedbugs at home

If you find bedbugs in your home you should remove as much clutter and as many items as possible from your house. Replace all bedding and examine the box spring for bedbugs.

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